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    serving the ancient city of TIKAL, in the Mayan rainforests of Peten, Guatemala
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    “This place is definitely a “roughing it” experience, but so worth it! There is nothing contrived about this place- it is natural, rustic, and absolutely beautiful. The lake is crystal blue, wonderful for swimming, and the atmosphere so peaceful.  Also, the food was wonderful, and the management extremely helpful.”
    –review from travel.yahoo.com

        “Hotel Gringo Perdido is a nice, natural, hidden lodging near El Remate, between Flores and Tikal. It’s nice to be away from the more compact Flores but overpriced Tikal. Gringo Perdido is naturally gorgeous – we had our own private dock with hammocks on the lake. The food was good though it was international fare so it wasn’t quite typical Guatemalan food if you crave local fare. But it was good and included in the price.  At night the stars are bright, wildlife comes alive, and it’s a serene experience. So if you like peace and quiet and natural surroundings, this is a great place. I would recommend it for anyone like this type of experience.”
    –review from tripadvisor.com

        “I love that it really gives you a sense of being in the middle of nature, if you are like me, when you visit somewhere like Flores, you want to get the real experience.” 
    –review from Travel.yahoo.com

        “Waking up here is like waking up in paradise, hearing nothing but the lake lapping at the shore a few steps from your door. The rooms have stone walls and floors and full-wall canvas roll-up blinds that almost make you feel you’re sleeping in the open air.  We love the Hippies Who Do Stuff, and one of the things that they do so well is make hotels as cool as this one. And then they price them so that all the Hippies Who Don’t Do Anything can’t afford to stay there. Nice. Go play your African drums elsewhere. This place strikes a good balance between roughing it and lushing out, and attracts an interesting crowd. They quite often have conferences and workshops here, so you never know who you might end up sharing a dinner table with.” 
    –Lucas Vidgen, Lonely Planet

         “Estuve con mi familia para los dias de la semana santa la verdad fue mi primera vez que llegue a ese lugar me encanto, el ambiente el estilo del hotel, sus alrededores, antes de llegar al hotel pues dudamos mucho en encontrarlo no veiamos ningun rotulo pero comprendimos porque se llamaba así.   Espero estar de nuevo en ese lugar.” 
    -Carmen Rosa, via tripadvisor.com

         “This hotel is truly a gem…peaceful, beautiful and with great food. It is not for the true budget traveler but if you can afford to splurge for a few nights, this place is amazing. Right on lake Peten with great swimming and great hiking nearby. I can’t wait to go back!”
    –review from tripadvisor.com

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